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Philip Oliver from Rebellion Games Guest Lecture

the-oliver-twinsPhilip Oliver of The Oliver Twins visited on the 5th of December to give a guest lecture to our Computer Games Design and Computer Science with Games Programming students, although everyone was invited. The talk, titled “Lessons from 4 Decades of Game Development” attracted over 100 of our students and staff and covered every aspect of game development, from the earliest days of just the two of them building games through multi-million-pound projects and their current role at Rebellion.

Introduced by the Dean of Computing and Engineering, Professor Stephen Donnelly, Philip gave an informative, interesting, engaging and humorous narrative of his history in the game development world, with plenty of tips for our aspiring game developers.

As an added bonus, alumni Simon Robertson visited too to answer questions from a graduate perspective.

It was a great talk, listening to interesting tales of the early days, through difficult times with publishers and the changing landscape of the games industry. The lecture ended with some insightful perspectives on the future and a QA session. Thank you to Philip and Simon for making the journey, and the HUCS team (especially Rob Farrar) for leading the organisation of this event.

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