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GamesCast 015 – Interview with Torchbearer about porting Flux8 to the Nintendo Switch

So this Friday 29th May sees the Nintendo Switch release of Flux8, although if you can’t wait you can preorder now at

We were very lucky to have some of the team from Torchbearer join us this week to talk a little about the challenges of porting the PC version (still available on Steam to Nintendo Switch. We were joined by founder Pete and Jon and programmer Matt who worked in Canalside Studios on the original PC version.

Jon and Pete are graduates of our Computer Games Programming route and founded Torchbearer during their placement year on the Enterprise Placement Year. Matt is also a graduate of the Computer Games Programming course.

Join Matt and I discussing Flux8 and comparing the differences between the PC and Switch versions.

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GamesCast 013 – Team Project Games #2

Once again we’re talking about the final year team project games… only 1 this week. We’re joined by the lead designer David and programmer Sonny to discuss Wibble Wobble Wabble, a multiplayer network game where you grab melee and ranged weapons and try to dispatch the other players, with a comedy twist on the player movement! As you’ll see, it’s lot of fun, we only wish it lasted longer.

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GamesCast 012 – Team Project Games #1

So we’re going to spend a few weeks looking through the team project submissions from final year students. Here the team, joined by some of the students, talking about, and playing, 2 of the games. There are 6 in total so there’ll be more to see in the coming weeks.

Also, see our live reaction to the announcement of Unreal Engine 5 and our news of Flux8 preorders being live for Nintendo Switch!

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GamesCast 009 – Canalside Studios

This week, Duke and Matt invited 3 of the 8 members of Canalside Studios, our inhouse games development studio, to tell us about their latest title. We spend the first half hour talking about the studio, it’s history and the games made over the last 14 years. The final hour is all about Mira’s Tale, the game from this year…. we also get to see Duke being abysmal at game playing… oh dear.

You can put Mira’s Tale in your steam wishlist

The other titles from the studio available on Steam are at:
Little Awesome Dudes
Hover Havoc
CoinOp Kingdom

Pocket Galaxy is on iOS

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