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GamesCast 003 now live…

This week, Duke, Daryl and Matt discuss the new Games Development courses which go live in 2021. Hear us talk about the history of the current Games Design course and the rationale for the new courses. After that we discuss the common first year which allows students to get a flavour of all aspects of the games development process before refining their skills over the next few years. We discuss the differences in the courses following the common first year and why applicants might choose one route over another.

You can read all about the new courses on our course finder pages here

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Second Games Cast goes live!

In this weeks Games Cast, Duke, Matt and Ash play some of the second year games from the final game jam which took place last week. The theme for last week was “Minute Hero” which some took to be minute as in the measurement of time, and some as in the size.

A range of games were designed and built, virtually from scratch, from multiplayer racers to timed courtroom battles. In all cases, the acheivements in only 4 and half days were very impressive. Watch us play and comment in real time in the following video.

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New YouTube Channel

We have started a new YouTube channel (subscribe at and channel (subscribe at ), for current students, graduates and applicants to learn more about us, what our students are doing and myriad other subjects. We have many plans for content, but for this short post, please feel free to join us in our first ever live stream (earlier today) at

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Another new year… and a trip to Arcade Club in Leeds for a Flying Start!

Dancing games are always fun!

Induction week 2019 arrived and with it our newest intake of students, all very excited to start their game development careers. As part of the week, we whisked them off to Arcade Club in Leeds to play everything from the oldest arcade games to the newest VR titles. It wasn’t just for playing the games though, teams were built around a few interesting titles and the students tasked with creating posters to share their thoughts and experiences on those machines, all part of the University’s award winning “Flying Start” programme.

Some of the posters are below, all a bit of fun, designed to get the students talking, mingling and thinking about game design… what makes a game fun!

I also grabbed a few photos…

We’re all looking forward to another exciting year!

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Huddersfield staff and students inspire – Grads in Games awards 2019 results!

Well, the results are in, and staff and students from our Computer Games Design course have once again come home with prizes…

Returning for its second year, the Grads In Games Awards celebrate the individuals and institutions that have made a real impact in improving the links between the games industry and education. Recognising and highlighting the academics, universities and studios that are actively helping students make the leap from student games developer to professional games developer, as well as the students who are already achieving great things.

You might remember from my previous post that we had several short-listings across most of the available categories…

Matthew NovakWINNER for “Academic Award” award

Rosey Asquith, Matthew Novak of the University of Huddersfield, Dan Dudley
Photo © Grads in Games

Ellie Brown, Zachray Cundall and Helen AndrzejowskaWINNER for “Student Hero” award

Zachray Cundall & Ellie Brown from the University of Huddersfield
Photo © Grads in Games

Congratulations to Matt, Zach, Ellie and Helen for their great achievements!

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Grads in Games Awards 2019 shortlist announced – Huddersfield looks great!

The Grads in Games Awards 2019 shortlist has been announced with the University of Huddersfield, its staff and students all nominated for prizes.

You can read more about the categories at but for now, let’s celebrate all of the Huddersfield noninations and wish them all the best of luck in the final on 17th April!

Matthew Novak – Nominated for “Academic Award” award

University of Huddersfield – Nominated for “Educational Institution” award

Dale Green – Graduate from our Computer Games Programming course, now at Red Kite Games and nominated for “Graduate Impact” award

University of Huddersfield and Red Kite Games – Nominated for “Industry Collaboration” award

Ellie Brown, Zachray Cundall and Helen Andrzejowska – Nominated for “Student Hero” award

The awards were set up for the stand out stories you all have about the individuals who really went that extra mile, the studio who gave you your first job and was more supportive and nurturing than you could’ve ever imagined. Or, maybe it’s the university that could not have prepared you more for life in the games industry or perhaps the person that you just wanna say “my dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it” to quote from The Princess and the Frog, as your dream of becoming a professional gamedev wouldn’t have come true without them.


Once again, well done to all!

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Huddersfield Students Claim Top Spots in 3rd Round of Search for a Star and Rising Star Competitions

The results of the 3rd round of the Grads in Games “Search for a Star” and “Rising Star” European competitions have been announced, with Huddersfield students once again taking many of the highest places.

3D Character Art Challenge

Students are asked to create an original game-ready character model for use in UE4. All stylistic, narrative, thematic and aesthetic considerations are at the artist’s discretion.

Students from 1st, 2nd and final year were eligible to enter the categories, going up against thousands of entries in stage 1. Filtering only the best, stages 2 and 3 are now complete, with the final interview stage still to go.

“Search for a Star” is aimed at final year students and “Rising Star” is aimed at 1st and 2nd year students.

In partnership with Epic Games and a host of other games companies, this is a fantastic opportunity for students to show their skills in a challenging industry and be noticed for future employment prospects.

Results of the 3rd round of “3D Character Art Challenge” for “Search for a Star”:

3rdJack Walker
4thEllie Brown
10thChloe McCann
12thJames Phiri
15thMatthew Throup
17th Callum McConnell

Results of the 3rd round of “3D Character Art Challenge” for “Rising Star”:

1stMellissa Hamer
2ndOliver Fayers
4thJason Morley
8thBen Smith
12thNav Bhogal

3D Environment Art Challenge

Students are asked to create and compose an original game environment scene for UE4, featuring a set of four key assets. All stylistic, narrative, thematic and aesthetic considerations are at the artist’s discretion.

Results of the 3rd round of “3D Environment Art Challenge” for “Search for a Star”:

1stSam Sharpe
2ndRuben Chatha
5th Dan Jones

Results of the 3rd round of “3D Environment Art Challenge” for “Rising Star”:

1stReece Parrinder
2ndChris Rhodes
5thBradley Cullen
8thAdam Fautley

Games VFX Challenge

Students are asked to create an original game-ready effects sequence for use in UE4. All stylistic, narrative, thematic and aesthetic considerations are at the artist’s discretion.

Results of the 3rd round of “Games VFX Challenge” for “Search for a Star”:

1st (joint)Zack Cundall
1st (joint)Eliot Stevens
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Flux8 helps to raise $3.3 million for charity

Flux8, a game developed by the University of Huddersfield internal game studio, Canalside Studios, was part of the Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018, which ran from December 1st 2018 to December 31st. Canalside Studios employ 8 placement students from across the Computer Games Design and Computer Science with Games Programming courses each year to develop real shipped titles. The whole team was very excited to be a part of this huge endeavour for charity.

The Humble Bundle special, including 78 items, sold 88,139 times to raise a total of $3,307,929.36.

All proceeds went towards benefiting multiple charities, including Call of Duty Endowment, Cancer Research UK, International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, Mental Health Foundation, Save the Children, Special Effect, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, and Whale and Dolphin Conservation, as well as an option to choose any charity of the buyers choice from a list of hundreds of thousands of charities.

The game is described as “a sentient magnet, enslaved in a factory, you have two options: work or be terminated! However, not all magnets are born to work. Some dream of freedom and choose to rebel. There’s a whole wide world waiting just outside those factory doors… you must remain positive!”

If you missed the Jingle Jam, you can buy Flux8 on steam right now for £4.99

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Philip Oliver from Rebellion Games Guest Lecture

the-oliver-twinsPhilip Oliver of The Oliver Twins visited on the 5th of December to give a guest lecture to our Computer Games Design and Computer Science with Games Programming students, although everyone was invited. The talk, titled “Lessons from 4 Decades of Game Development” attracted over 100 of our students and staff and covered every aspect of game development, from the earliest days of just the two of them building games through multi-million-pound projects and their current role at Rebellion.

Introduced by the Dean of Computing and Engineering, Professor Stephen Donnelly, Philip gave an informative, interesting, engaging and humorous narrative of his history in the game development world, with plenty of tips for our aspiring game developers.

As an added bonus, alumni Simon Robertson visited too to answer questions from a graduate perspective.

It was a great talk, listening to interesting tales of the early days, through difficult times with publishers and the changing landscape of the games industry. The lecture ended with some insightful perspectives on the future and a QA session. Thank you to Philip and Simon for making the journey, and the HUCS team (especially Rob Farrar) for leading the organisation of this event.


Game Jam 2018 1.1

We’ve taken a new approach this year (18/19) with our second year team project module, having 1 week long game jams 3 times over the course of the academic year instead of the usual 24 weeks. This has freed up time for other modules during the normal academic year and compressed the team project module into those 3 jams. The first game jam took place in the first guidance week, and it was a roaring success!

The teams started at 9:15am on the Monday and had to present their final games on the Friday afternoon. The theme was “Cooperation”.

Lots of energy at the beginning of the week!

The teams were built from our BA Computer Games Design and BSc Computer Science with Games Programming students, with 4 designers/artists and 2 programmers in each of the 8 teams.

Monday was mostly about concept building of ideas and testing some early prototypes. Tuesday saw lots of ground work, especially from the programmers, trying to lay the foundations. Wednesday and Thursday saw huge leaps forward in the development of the games from both programmers and designers and with a Friday morning polish all the teams were ready to present.

Everyone still looked remarkably refreshed even by Friday for the presentations!

See some screenshots below of the work, but know that I was blown away by what the students achieved in the short space of time, it was remarkable how well they came together to produce some pretty awesome mini-games!