Game Jam 2018 1.1

We’ve taken a new approach this year (18/19) with our second year team project module, having 1 week long game jams 3 times over the course of the academic year instead of the usual 24 weeks. This has freed up time for other modules during the normal academic year and compressed the team project module into those 3 jams. The first game jam took place in the first guidance week, and it was a roaring success!

The teams started at 9:15am on the Monday and had to present their final games on the Friday afternoon. The theme was “Cooperation”.

Lots of energy at the beginning of the week!

The teams were built from our BA Computer Games Design and BSc Computer Science with Games Programming students, with 4 designers/artists and 2 programmers in each of the 8 teams.

Monday was mostly about concept building of ideas and testing some early prototypes. Tuesday saw lots of ground work, especially from the programmers, trying to lay the foundations. Wednesday and Thursday saw huge leaps forward in the development of the games from both programmers and designers and with a Friday morning polish all the teams were ready to present.

Everyone still looked remarkably refreshed even by Friday for the presentations!

See some screenshots below of the work, but know that I was blown away by what the students achieved in the short space of time, it was remarkable how well they came together to produce some pretty awesome mini-games!